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Cavatelli are one of the oldest pasta shapes. Made from three simple ingredients, durum wheat semolina flour, lukewarm water and a pinch of salt. With an elongated shape and a hollow cavity traditionally made by pressing your fingers into the small pieces of pasta. The resulting pasta is dense and very hearty.

Interesting tidbit from history
.... in the olden days, a bride-to-be's future mother-in-law would inspect her finger tips to see if they looked worn. This was thought to be a tell-tale sign that she knew how to make good cavatelli! 

You can enjoy a hearty plate of this ancient pasta topped with 100% parmesan cheese and tossed in our homemade classic tomato sauce* or our signature bolognese meat sauce. 

Please order at least one week ahead to ensure availability. Your cavatelli pasta will be fully cooked, hot and ready to eat. This dish is not recommended to be frozen and reheated.

* Note our classic tomato sauce contains no meat (100% vegetarian).